Who We Are

The Tan Violin Shop was established in May 2020 by Eric Tan, son of PJ Tan.  The original PJ Tan Violin Shop opened in Edmonton in 1993 on 34th Avenue.  It was the only specialist shop in Edmonton dealing exclusively with instruments of the violin family.  Eric spent his youth around stringed instruments, and began to apprentice by his father’s side in his early teens.  He maintained a collection of his father’s residual violin collection that was shipped from the UK to Canada as needed.  Eric’s own personal musical history includes 10 years with the Worcester Community Philharmonic as a violinist.  Eric ran his own violin business successfully for 12 years in the Worcester area, the home of composer Edward Elgar.  It then seemed timely to join his father, now retired, in the running of the Edmonton shop and pursue his long held passion for violin repair and restoration as a Canadian Resident.