Rentals — With purchase options

We have a selection of quality rental violins, violas, and cellos in all sizes. Come in and we’ll size you for an instrument and give you a quick lesson to get you going as soon as you get home. Rent or Buy. Either way, it is easy and affordable to get started playing an instrument in the violin family.


Just some of the rental stock at Tan Violins

Tan Violins is operated by one of just a few qualified luthiers in Alberta. Rent or Buy from Tan Violins and you get:

  • professionally set-up instrument
  • strings selected to match the instrument to provide the best tone
  • a well-selected and well-cut bridge to provide the best sound
  • a properly placed sound post to provide the best resonance
  • convenient upgrades to a larger violin any time as the young players grow
  • a readily available expert to repair your instrument in case of weather-induced or accidental mishaps
  • timely replacement instruments so you can continue playing while your instrument is in for repairs or upgrades
  • a great and growing selection of upgraded, full-size instruments
  • credit towards purchasing an upgrade instrument

Violin rental plans start at $20 + GST per month.

Cello rental plans start at $50 + GST per month.

Rent the setup below for $20/month

Typically, for young beginners, the first rental will be a 1/2 or 3/4 size violin.

Typical Rental Violin Setup (may not be exactly as shown)

Then, when you are ready to move up to a full size (4/4) violin and purchase your own, you can buy the very nice Scarlatti setup below. Scarlatti instruments are excellent, especially considering the low price. The bright, clean sound will be a treat to play for several years.


Rent for as long as you like, then purchase the set up below for $750.00 minus up to 6 months of rental fees.

Scarlatti Violin Setup (Case may not be exactly as shown) — Excellent for beginner/intermediate violin development

Or, of course, you may choose to buy from our selection very nice and fine instruments.

The images below are just a sampling of the type of very nice violins we typically have in stock, ranging in value from $1,000 and up.