Fine Instruments

The following are all wonderful instruments, with great sound, great looks. Prices cover the range quite attractive to the average player. They are top quality, and to us, any of them would be prize possessions for many years to come. We do have collector instruments in stock as well, and they will be featured soon.

Newest addition (March 30, 2022) John Jacob Karvendi — rich, smooth, clear and easy to play. This handmade violin was actually made in Vermilion, Alberta. Its look matches its sound, pure and simple.

Link for video review of this instrument: Karvendi Video

And…Alexandar Gaspar — a fun, bright, player’s violin. Made in 2010 in a workshop in Budapest, Hungary, this fiddle is fun in both look and sound. Bright red-orange colouring and bold flaming make this instrument stand out. Good workmanship has resulted in a solidly constructed instrument that projects sound quite nicely. A nice instrument for those fun fiddle tunes or energetic concertos.

Link for video review of this instrument: Gaspar Video

Next up: Morassi (copy) This is an excellent quality 1982 copy of a Gio. Batta Morassi violin. Morassi was an excellent Italian violin maker (1934 – 2018) who actually ran the Cremona Violin Making School for part of his illustrious career. Original Morassi instruments are valued at up to $60,000.

This particular violin’s maker is unknown, but whoever it was, they did a terrific job. The striking flaming, the intricate attention to detail in almost every particular makes this a quality instrument–almost admissible as a genuine Morassi. Research suggests Morassi never used this colouring, and the toned-down edging on the scroll does not quite match his typical work. Nevertheless, it is a great copy.

And how does it sound? Great! Nice rich tone. Adequate power and sound projection. Smooth and light when you want it to be. Easy to play, and as you play it, it wakes up quite nicely.

See below for images and a link to a video review.

Next up: Koberling (Stradivarius Copy) by Michael Koberling 2014. Michael is a friend of the family–the Tan family, that is. He made this instrument in 2014 and it is now owned by Tan Violin Shop. It is like brand new–excellent condition, excellent structure, and a very nice look. Traditional colouring and flaming, this looks like a typical, very well made Stradivarius copy.

Next up: Raul Cerquetti — unknown Italian maker. Whoever this maker is, they did a very nice job on this Italian styled instrument. Bright, playful sound makes this a very versatile violin. Bright yellow colouring, bold flaming, excellent craftsmanship come together to make this instrument stand out.

Next Up: Sans Pert Geigen (or something like that–the label is quite ornate and hard to read)

One of my favourites, this is a beautifully made violin with lovely, rich, I would say, soothing tone, and good responsiveness. It is a hand made German violin with a one piece back, elegant traditional colouration, very attractive flaming, and and excellent finish. It may be about 22 years old, is all, but it plays beautifully.

Link to video review of this instrument: Geigen video

Let’s get rich: Tone that is. This Giuseppe Selva cello is one of the nicest instruments currently at Tan Violins. (We have a couple of fine violins that will give it a good run for the money though.) Made in 1926 in Bologna, Italy by Selva, who is listed in the Universal Dictionary of Violin Makers as doing “excellent” work, this deep re-brown cello with subtle flaming and unique ribs sounds thick, and rich, and powerful enough. A truly lovely instrument.

Link to video review of this instrument Selva Cello Video