New Business Hours

Please note we from next week we are changing our business hours to:

Tuesday closed

Wednesday 2-6pm

Thursday 2-6pm

Friday 2-6pm

Saturday 10-4pm

And we remain closed on Sundays and Mondays

I will be available for appointments outside of these hours if required

It was after much consideration it has become aparent I need to allocate more time to repair work.

In addition to the above I am taking a short break, so I will be closed from the 20th November through to the 30th November. I will be in town from the 25th onwards if you have emergency

2 thoughts on “New Business Hours

  1. Bruce Pinkney says:

    The bridge on my violin snapped in half yesterday as I was installing the string I bought from you. I hope you can replace it this week. I am aware of your hours and coming absence so hope for the best.

    1. admin says:

      Hi there, I am back in the store from the 1st December. Please come by and we’ll be pleased to help.


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